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ଶୁଭ୍ରା ଗୌଡ

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ଶୁଭ୍ରା ଗୌଡ

Children Stories Drama Others

Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love

2 mins

You are my angel

From the heavens above

You are my heart

From the very start

You grow so fast 

Like my hopes and dreams

You stole my breath 

O my cutie pie!

You are part of me

From the day I carried you

Oo My little one! I promise

I ll Never let you alone

You‘d given new meaning to my life

My darling daughter!

We have shared every day and night

Keeping you in my arm very tight

I remembered your tiny eyes 

When you opened it the very first time

Thoughts of today

Took me again those days of 

Our lovey time 

Bubbly cheeks with lovely dimples 

Reflects such a barbie you ever 

As only I could know 

That gives me full of light 

in the darkest heights 

Like a shining little star over the skylight 

Still, I remembered all my sleepless nights

It makes me feel 

Like everything will be alright 

Your Tiny feet and fingers are

always around my face

It reminds me of your

first laugh and every cry

Such are precious jewels

To treasure it all for the rest of life

Day by day our bond grows so deep

I Awed each and every one with you

With my love and grace 

I began to love you from the very start

That could only I connect you 

Through Full of art 

Embrace everything of yours

Feels Like just Yesterday you were born 

And being brought home

I’ll forever cherish that day 

As I could say

My heart’s yours forever nd ever

Oo my angry bird

I’m here!

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