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Siddhi Patni



Siddhi Patni


Minute Is Mighty!!

Minute Is Mighty!!

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The roads are empty

The crowds are too small

There is no one outside

None at all

We all are locked up in the house

Why the beautiful world looks so gloomy now?

This is all because of a tiny thing

That is ruining the lives of all living beings

Spreading from a cough or just a shake of the hand

This little organism can affect every man

We all know that its the virus called COVID-19

Which is proving how important is hygiene

But do you know what is a microorganism or a Virus

So let's learn about these tiny beings...

The small organisms that are not visible to the naked eye

To see them, a microscope is a required spy

Microorganisms thrive in almost every kind of environment

With every sort of habitat, they have an agreement

In five groups they are divided

Algae, Viruses and Bacteria

Fungi and also Protozoa

Viruses are different from the most

Because they are not made of cells and reproduce only inside a living cell of the host...

Some microbes are beneficial and some are not

Some are used to make medicines a lot

Microbes like Rhizobium help in nitrogen fixation

And some help in fermentation

Bacteria decompose decaying organic matter into humus

Sewage is treated by bacteria like Proteus

Microbes also cause a lot of diseases

From plants to animals and to bees

Microbes often cause spoilage of food

And many times, contamination of water too

Viruses cause many diseases

Like chickenpox, smallpox and measles

And how can we forget COVID 19

It can harm any living being

But we can fight these diseases in myriad ways

Vaccination is always the best way

A small number of weakened microbes are introduced into a healthy body

The body fights and kills them by producing antibodies

Thus vaccine induces immunity against a disease

So that we can live our lives with ease

Today we know how important is our health safety

Because even the 'MINUTE IS MIGHTY'

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