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Harsha Godbole



Harsha Godbole


Me , A Free Bird

Me , A Free Bird

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I was born as a free bird,

In a nation so strong, I have heard.

No racism, no castism in the air,

Only equality everywhere.

But with time and money,

Greedy people wanted to eat all the honey.

Everywhere there was bribery and rivalry,

Amongst friends and in the family.

Women and children became the weaker side,

While men walked with full pride.

In this situation, I wanted to survive, 

Use my talents and make worth of my life.

Although difficult, I thought I will try,

Take a step and clear the clutter.

And to educate the society, help the poor,

Making aware by going door to door.

No one should be left out and neglected,

In my country, everyone should be respected.

No difference in gender and caste,

A place of knowledge is vast.

Removing Free India from all clutter, 

Making a place to live and feel better.

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