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Listening Those Unsaid Words

Listening Those Unsaid Words

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I wasn't born with it,
The understanding in me that you are proud of.
I adopted it from everything I see,
Everything I feel,
I adopted some from you, from them and everyone that surrounded me.

People say you change with time,
No it's a false.
People don't change with time,
With time people around you just come and go,
Those who left; leave a certain scar that you only deep within see.
The people who leave you,
Take a part of you with them,
The scars lead by the going away,
That's what changes you.
People change you and not the time,

You admire my understanding,
But from where I see,
I see that understanding closely hidden behind,
The fake smile, the hurt, the betrayal,
But at the same time gathered from the love and trust of our close ones, family and friends.

The one you admire here,
Isn't the same she was years before..
The understanding is the pain caused by words left unsaid..

So I try to hear what others don't find time to hear,
Because the understanding what people admire,
Is simply the ability to listen those words which are left unsaid....

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