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Life Cycle

Life Cycle

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A life begins from the very beginning

When you are born from mother's womb

A life is coddled

When you are attached on mother's lap

A life gives you joy

When you are able to hold yourself

A life guides you to lead a way

When you involve yourself in the learning process

A life gives you experiences

When you start to explore the world

A life loses its track

When you are unable to escape the waves that encounter your path

A life flows smoothly

When you are able to save yourself from storms blowing your way

A life appears to be like a dream

When you fall in love to the most wonderful person in the world

A life of dream turns reality

When you are happily married to the one your heart desires

A life regains new life

When a new member joins your family

A life becomes a responsibility

When you work very hard for your family

A life achieves gratification

When you see your children progressing in life

A life reveille the child in you

When you spend quality time with your grandchildren

A life seems to lose shelf life

When you are bedridden with prolonged illness

A life finally completes its life journey

When you depart from the earth

A life is no more a life

When your dead body is taken to the tomb

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