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Sanju Aziz



Sanju Aziz


Last Goodbye

Last Goodbye

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Now you were there standing, thinking what's the meaning of this life,

Thinking how you're going to rise,

Above all of this drama, stress and everyday psyches.

You felt alone, felt you had nowhere to go,

So you gave the devil your body as a home,

You let the devil take over your soul,

You let these cowardly thoughts dwell in that mind and heart of yours.

How many times did you even try, before you gave up?

One time? Two times? Three times? Four?

So you just sit there by yourself, talking to yourself, no?

Asking yourself, "How much more can I bear all this loss?"

And so when you felt you had nothin left,

You took a pen, and a paper,

But it wasn't words of knowledge you wrote on the paper,

You just started scribbling about all the failures you encountered.

But 'cause you couldn't overcome them, you just gave up. Nothing.

Now with nothing left, you deviated towards the cold embrace of death,

Holding yourself with just a rope around your neck,

Hanging from the ceiling, you struggle for the last breath,

Forget it, you were already dead...

The second you said, "There isn't a reason to stay alive longer,

My life's over and this is my Last Goodbye to you, forever."

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