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స్ఫూర్తి కందివనం



స్ఫూర్తి కందివనం


I miss the days of...

I miss the days of...

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I miss the days....

of innocent worriless childhood spending most of the time on my mom's lap, 

the days I always loved to sleep on the shoulder of my dad where I felt safe and secure,

the days going to school with my siblings and cousins holding each other's hands, on the way we chit chat, argue, giggle, play and sometimes we had little fights,

the days hiding behind the doors to be not noticed by my dad when I don't want to go to school,

the days when I spent most of the time with my grandmother, sometimes when I felt hungry in the midnights, I woke her up and she fed me with utmost patience, 

the days I learnt kindness, patience, spirituality from my grandfather,

the memories of which never fails to bring a smile to my face.

I miss the days.....

I spend talking to the nature, the frequently blown breezes touches me as if they are responding to my conversations, the petals of flowers swing sweetly and the leaves of plants sway softly as if they are listening to me. Sometimes, little sparrows joined us with their chirps, moving their heads often with blinking eyes, 

the days I played with the chilled droplets of rain, they softly tap on me making me to hear their rhythm, soothing my soul,

the days I was just been me.

I miss the peace that came with not having to worry about life.

I miss the days.....

with my buddies and besties, laughing, gossiping for reasons that bore no relevance, the innocent promises that we had made, those vows to be lifetime buddies, the good and bad times, joy, tears and laughter,

the days we hang out, play, the dance practices and other fun stuff we had are still in my mind,

the days tensed about exams, combined studies and competing with them in studies,

the days spent with my besties as if every moment was the best and sharing our feelings with each other, the chit-chats, the misunderstandings, the naughty pranks, tears shed together and even the fights we had over stupid things,

the memories of which never fails to make me smile.

I miss the days.....

I sketch my thoughts, filled colors in them, the promises made by my dad that he would bring me a nice drawing book and colors to make more beautiful and colorful sketches and paintings.

the days I bursted in pride and chuckled when my dad chided my siblings and praised me to the skies when I got good score in exams.

the days I woke up in the dark hours of early mornings to attend my tution classes and my dad too woke up along with me, walked along with me till the end of the street, waited there until I disappeared down the path.

the days I complained about my mom to dad when she cooked food with more spice which I don't like and he'd scold her to make me feel happy,

the days my mom and dad struggled at times when I'm sick with the health issues I faced.

the memories of which never fails to blink my tears back.

I miss the days.....

I travelled to my grandparent's house for vacations, and the days how I anxiously awaited for the time I'd get to spend with my cousins.

the days I had fun with them telling the best family jokes, stayed, played, dreamt together, loved to get together at holiday time,

the days I was annoying at times but thanks for them for being patient with me,

No matter what we ended up doing, my time with them was always cherished,

the memories of which never fails to crack a smile on my face.

I miss the days.....

my sissy got sued for running out of her cookies because I ate them and she would try hiding them from me,

the days me and my brother made fun of my sister and annoyed her,

the days I fought badly with my brother but later after sometime we compromise,

the days we turned off TV and acted as if we were studying as soon as we heard the noise of dad's vehicle at nights when he returns home from office,

the days we had our dinner together,

the days we had a good laugh and chit-chats in the evenings and weekends,

and the memories of which never fails to bring a tear to my eyes and a smile on my lips.

But....on one day everything had changed, soon I became an outsider, a guest in my own house. 

I no more couldn't be me, 

I no more couldn't complain on my mom about food, 

I no more couldn't make fun of my siblings, we no more had those little fights,

the day when I stepped out of my house I never and ever thought that I'd never be able to make my way home again as before.

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