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Hoax And A Graveyard

Hoax And A Graveyard

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The darkness seems unending.

I can see myself standing

In a Graveyard, alone.

Not so far, I see a mirror;

And as I walk towards it,

It becomes darker and colder.

I do not see myself in it

Instead, a faint silhouette.

I stop for a moment. Who's this!

That smile I once loved too much.

It's You! It is You! You're here!

Then I'm here too, right before you!

I turn around in glee sublime

But alas, I find, that at this time

In this graveyard, I'm alone

Standing in the dark and cold.

Confused, I look again in the mirror

There you're, still smiling at me.

It keeps happening twice, thrice...

You're in there but not with me.

Then, at once, I see you're close,

Breathing on my neck, I feel;

I smile to you, but this time, You don't.

I wake up confused and tired, Alone.

You see, I'm tired of this hoax;

Of hopes and expectations unmet.

I'm tired of all the nightmares

Where you smile at me like a joke.

I'm tired of waking up in a jolt

To find nothing new from you.

Looking at that one photo we had

I wonder if you do, too.

I keep on switching between

Social media; I am tired indeed

Of checking again and yet again

To see if you're checking on me.

I remember what happiness was

In the warmth of your embrace,

I can't get over the feeling of home

That existed in togetherness.

I run from stranger to stranger

And throw myself at them.

No, I'm not looking for love again,

Dear Lord, not love again!

As days go by, looking for peace,

Trying to find solace,

I build my dreams to break again;

For in vanity, I find happiness.

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