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Shuvam Sohan



Shuvam Sohan


Gandhari: A Poignant Truth

Gandhari: A Poignant Truth

2 mins

With her eyes closed by an opaque cloth of obedience,

She views the countryside of indescribable pleasures,

But all look silhouettes, with colours snatched away,

And dusted with the sorrow of solitude of hers.

The quivering royal curtains dancing in fluttering zephyr,

And the rays of the genial dawn sun invade politely,

The green, active and jolly with all it's grandiose, has been awoken,

But nought did she stir, as she peered into the depth of it, dejectedly.

Her eyes of a calm deer, unseen, had been numb since the Holocaust,

Her once smooth hair unkempt and flowing uncared,

Her delicate pink cheeks had formed peremptory wrinkles,

And her ethereal pulchritude had gone dead for sorrow unshared.

On the loggia, she stands, in complete melancholy and solitude,

Like a solitary mother who curses the whole cosmos,

With flame of anger and repentance, triggered from the catastrophe,

Of the legendary Mahābhārata, where sacred is each verse.

Her never ceasing seas of sorrows, locked in royal chamber of isolation,

Which had drowned a mother of unconquerable practical brilliance,

Beyond the city of Hastināpura to the coasts of Trāvāncore,

Merry was each soul who had overcome the cursed vehemence.

Years ago, with palls of pain, she had witnessed the scenarios,

The Kauravas growing in stark enmity, introducing a plot for crown,

And the denouement of the Great India War had seen,

The diminishing of Kauravas and Kurukshetra turn to scarlet from brown.

The palace enchanted with heaps of sandalwood and rosewood,

Had in them no interest for the raving mind of her,

Her life had been in drought with no glimpse of euphoria,

And she had suffered from wounds of grief which she couldn't cure.

Struck in gloom, she remembers the vices of hers,

To curse the Demiurge and start the Divine but disastrous mayhem,

Enforced with angers and sorrows of her motherhood,

She had never risen to bless any exquisite gem.

The woods and the Divinity, who digest and heal all her wounds of betrayal,

Call her to the realms of eternal and unconquerable pleasures,

The Elysium calls her to leave her mortality and join the sea,

Like a drop of water of no importance, which gladdens her.

Leaving the pleasures and passions behind, leaves she to the microcosm of wisdom,

And thus ceases the sorrow of a perspective Gandhari,

A wise descendant of Ikshvaku,

Gandhari, the foe(Ari) of mortal pleasures (gandha) comes to a true phase.

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