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My sunny friend

The torch of the night or the light of the sky,

Whatever I say you be are the best,

The little happiness I shared with you,

The little time I spent with you,

The little conversation we had every day,

Every little of these has big to say,

The big is our friendship,

Nothing can separate us, be it feelings or memories,

The oneness we own has a different role to play,

We may be different souls but our friendship has a single soul,

We may lit the matchstick in dark but I promise our friendship doesn't need to burn in hard times..! 

The better moments are yet to come and your awesomeness is yet to be shown,

Timely it will happen, our mere memories turning to significant smile when we are par and will remember each other,

I don't know how to say more or what to say more but what I can say is..,

You have been a blessing in my life,

A supporter or an idiot or a joker who is there when I need and will make me laugh no matter what

I began my poem with sunny friend and yes you are sunny!

Like the sun spreading happiness and making life light

I hope you be the summer sun and make this friendship last long and spread the happiness fragrance throughout

What I wish you on this friendship day is that may all your wishes come true

May you achieve the success and glory.

Well I don't believe in friendship belts but what I believe is,

Feelings that are engrave in your soul of our friendship by this poem,

Well fights on the side route but on a serious note I am really thankful to you 

Thank you for being my friend

From the bottom of my heart, I wish all the success and happiness to you ! 


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