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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Everyday The Sun Shines

Everyday The Sun Shines

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Every Day the Sun Shines

Every day the sun shines

Golden become the silver mines

Even in the dark there’s

 Somewhere brightness

Go beyond the limits if you can,

Prove that you are a controllable man,

Just think that the difficult is simple,

And it would be simple,

And you will have a smile on your face with a dimple.

Accept the things you have,

Even those can make you a champ.

With your kindness everyone you must treat,

And if something goes wrong, don’t beat a retreat,

With your feet.

Don’t use cheat or wrong means, do only what is right,

And you can touch the world’s height.

Every day the sun shines,

Golden become the silver mines.

Update your definitions of success,

Learn new things but not all in a mess,

Take doses of laughter but not of stress,

Do whatever you think is the best,

And not what others suggest,

But always remember to say –‘be my guest’.

The world is round,

What goes from you comes around,

Very strange and peculiar it would sound,

But it is true which I have found.

Imagine that you are a bird and you are free,

Then from your eyes, beyond the sky you can see.

Breathe your dreams to give wings to your destiny,

But remember to be grounded with your roots just like a tree.

Build the foundations of your fate,

Which you can use afterwards to become great.

Every day the sun shines,

Golden becomes the silver mines.


Dawoo Maheshwari.

Class-VIII C

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