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Rain oh! Rain

Falling on our windowpane 

Don't leave my heart with stain.

Smelling the flirting ground

Feeling faint or aroused, questioned

Is my self-respect still alive?

Waking up from the bed

The wrinkles of the pillow, still 

Crave for your physicality 

The bed that experienced

 Lovemaking is still left out of

The freshness of your closeness. All

I can do is to 

Open one of our favorite books

And to acknowledge the heartbroken look

The smell of the pages reminds 

Me, the heart you took

Old were the days of our love 

Which drove like a racing car

Selfless love is all lies; illusions

It is biased, is it love?

It is worst, is it, love?

It is distorted, is it love?

Our marriage was all distorted 

You left it in vain

Leaving me all in pain 

Was there any love?

Sensing a diamond in my belly 

It is the pure rainbow valley 

Will grow with all love and care 

Be like a diamond born in the coal

Love the dedication, be a gold 

Like a lotus, drape the prosperity

The world is all the mud 

Oh! My little diamond just rises and shines. 

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