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Dear Guardian Soul

Dear Guardian Soul

2 mins

I know u won't recognise me,

But I do,

By the time, I was born,

You had already gone.

I know I don't have any right,

Right to ask you,

I didn't had courage to speak,

So I decided to write you.

I tried my best to reach you,

I'm sorry I wasn't there with you,

When you were loosing your sight, from the life light,

And I know, my family tried to breach you.

Your favourite champ,

My brother,

You aught him to be wiser,

Now his just a rich greedy mind slaughter.

You taught him authenticity of life,

You spent all your time to make him understand,

But,sorry to say,

Digitalized world is his wife.

But I have a question,

Why are you similar to the man,who always helps me,

To others, why are you an illusion.

Why are you pulling back hand,

When I light a cigarette,

Why do you break my beer bottles,

And why do you stop to enter into the corruption land.

Why can't, I be like today's generation,

Going out with friends,

Meeting girls and bond the emotion,

And moulding myself as world trends.

Whenever I want to speak to you,

You are just a photo frame,

I am stuck in this terrible life game,

Why are you still quite?

Why did you left me?

In this generation,

Which is dispersed,

And soon they will theft me.

Why mom stops me?

To raise my voice,when i'm right,

By saying,this world is cruel,

So, be safe and stay out of this site,

Please save me,

I'm not able to see you,

I know,you are the one,

Who made me, a brave me.

If you would be here,

I would have left everything,

Would be just with you,

Would hold your hand, and start caring.

I can't do this alone,

I need you,

Please come back,

I will do anything,to get your some back.

I'm done grandpa,

Cant bare this anymore,

Please take me away,

What can I do, I'm begging please say.

Grandpa's part:

Please listen my child,

You are my only hope,

You have to be strong,

Even if the world is bad and wild.

You are the pillar of your family,

I believe in you,

Cause I see me in you,

So I gave you this responsibility.

I miss you dadu...................

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