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Cigar,You And Me

Cigar,You And Me

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I would like to be the cigar you are addicted to,

Would like to flame every time your lips touch my skin.

I know I haste for your kisses but I wanted to do it

As time is reducing me to ashes as your cigar.

So let me push myself in the gap your fingers that hold cigar so I could taste your wet lips.

Every time you smoke I wanted to grab you hard and take the smoke into me,

Leave a bite onto your lips giving you a disclaimer, "Smoking is injurious to health".

Would you exhale the smoke for me to inhale

And return me the bites to my lips saying,

"This is the last smoke".

Would you remember my disclaimer scar I left,

Everytime you smoke?

When your lips are busy with your cigar,

I wanted my lips to be busy too,

So I let it count the strands of hairs on your chest.

I am so much addicted to your smoking.

Please stop my addiction,

Rehabilate me,

Whenever I needed the warmth of your cigar enclose my hands with yours,

grab my lips over yours and let it fume all over.

I wanted to be the last drag of your smoke everyday.

Inhale me so deep inside as if tomorrow is dead already.

I am competing with your cigar this time,

I can fill the gaps it leaves from your lips with mine,

And you decide who is better between us...?

I wonder why you say me I am furious and hard,

So let me lie on you and gaze at you smoking,

So I learn the etiquette of your lips with your cigar.

On this cold night, let me increase the warmth in you along with your cigar.

After all, your cigar would last only for minutes,

But I could bring you warmth if this night is going to endless ever.

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