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Salman Khan


Awaiting Hereafter

Awaiting Hereafter

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Salty but innocent eyes mine 

How long will bear the burden of dolor, 

A decade or a century? 

Toxic fluidity of unending tears 

Dipping me into absolute agony 

Life seems stuck in limbo, 

A living dead I am now—alive 

But no more valuable than a dead body! 

Only bleeding from my love-vessel 

Often grills me after the climax— 

Oh, hell! Where will this end? 

Who will suffer even hell on earth? 

The undying love mine, 

Or the unrequited love-masquerade of yours? 

However, rest assured

I shall not put you on a razor edge 

But somehow, somewhere, 

Something is yet to be—

And that is a severe penalty! 

So, eagerly I am awaiting hereafter 

To see the judgment of my Lord— 

Either your coaxing tale,

Or the love in me 

That was thrown into the vast sea of tears 

Reaches to the highest place in heaven? 

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