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sampurna Nanda



sampurna Nanda


A Tree Never Cries

A Tree Never Cries

1 min

A tree never cries

The world is unaware of its agony

A tree symbolises extreme patience

It withstands all the traumas of life

Helplessly tolerates inflicted pains

Seasons come and go

But a tree remains quite unmoved

It neither protests nor discloses

A tree signifies toleration and peace

Storm, Cyclone and Flood all tend to devour and uproot it

But it accepts the calamities with open arms

A tree never appears to be revengeful

Rather it makes our nature beautiful

It loves to burn within the flame of frustration

Mankind chop off its root

Still it tends to remain mute

The world has failed to notice its inner pessimism

We enjoy its beauty and fruits when it swirls amidst the cool breeze

Why has the creator made it stoic ?

A tree is a breathing sentient being.

It does understand inhuman exploitation. Inflicted by mankind

If men could enjoy the natural creations

What sounds illogical for a tree?

If men could have their own caprices,

What sounds unnatural for a tree?

Will environmental degradation lead to mankind s up-gradation?

A Tree too has a heart with dynamic smiles

Compared with the natural blooming of pond lilies

Oh! Mankind Do not just blindly admire a tree

Take care to make it free

Emotional factors do cohere in its mind

Which man still has to find

A tree is also a sentimental being

Man, take care to make its heart ring

This is my message for ENVIRONMENTAL. PROTECTION

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