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A Beauty That Never Fleets

A Beauty That Never Fleets

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I have always heard,

That beauty fleets.

Tragically! A beauty that I know, you know and all of us know,

Never fleets.

This beauty incessantly increases in entirety.

It is something close to divinity.

The beholders of this beauty,

Are intoxicated of an appealing splendor.


Not suffer from the ravages of inebriety,

Which resulted in endless transitions with great valor

May it be,

Humans to human capitals


Civilizations to growing societies.

The architects are the beholders of this beauty.

This beauty is an eternal bliss of intrepidity,

As it turns trauma to talent,

With its pleasing aroma of the gallant.

This beauty attracts us all

Violent, valiant, or a different variant.

This beauty is a form of duty,

That goes untamed but always aimed.

It is no wonder if I say once in a life,

Everyone feels this beauty in its entirety.

As each one of us face and serve at least once in a life a teacher’s duty

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