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Jatin Kakkar

I'M AN OPEN BOOK TO BE READ BY THOSE WHO LOVE READINGS!, Research Assistant in IIT Roorkee (by profession)

  Literary Captain

Windows Of Your Eyes


"The life will be filled with lights, Just remove the cartons from the windows of your eyes!"

1    6.5K 2

"Yes! The Most Interesting Are You!"

Drama Fantasy Abstract

"How interesting are you" is a real life experience of mine which clicked in my mind and generated s...

1    1.1K 2

Many Attitudes Of Life

Drama Inspirational

Usually such people prove them right and try to prove us wrong even when we love and care for them a...

1    7.0K 6

Will You Smile?

Abstract Inspirational

What is better than making an attempt to make someone smile, as once a teacher told us that making a...

1    6.9K 7