Find your balance with The Structure of Peace & grab 30% off on first 50 orders!!
Find your balance with The Structure of Peace & grab 30% off on first 50 orders!!

#Celebrate Holi with Words


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Holi is a time to let go of grudges, embrace love and forgiveness, and spread joy and happiness through the use of colored powders and water. It is a time to celebrate the arrival of spring, and to mark the victory of good over evil.

Join StoryMirror in celebrating the vibrant and colorful festival of Holi with words through the contest "Celebrate Holi with Words." Through this writing contest, we hope to capture the essence and beauty of Holi through the written word. We look forward to reading your entries and celebrating the spirit of Holi together.

Here are some suggested themes on which you can write story or poem for the Holi writing contest:

  • The Colors of Holi: Capture the beauty and significance of the colored powders and water that are central to the festival.
  • Love and Forgiveness: Reflect on the themes of forgiveness and the power of love to heal and transform relationships.
  • Mythology and History: Share the stories/ poems associated with Holi, or reflect on the historical and cultural significance of the festival.
  • Personal Reflections: Share your own experiences and memories of Holi, or reflect on what the festival means to you and your community.


  • You need to write on the theme Holi.
  • Participants should submit their original content. There is no limit to the number of content to be submitted.
  • There is no word limit.
  • There is no participation fee.

Categories: Story | Poem


Content can be submitted in any one or more of these languages - English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia & Bangla


Top 10 will be awarded a StoryMirror discount voucher worth Rs. 149 and the winner certificate.

All participants will receive a participation certificate.

Submission Phase - March 07, 2023, to April 05, 2023

Declaration of Result: May 05, 20223



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