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No Light
© Akshata Vagarali

Children Stories Fantasy

Suppose you're walking down a street at night, thinking about how soft and warm your read more

7     537    19    766

© Mohammed Ali Qureshi

Children Stories Fantasy

In the modern United States a new animal was created, the cy-wolf. The cy-wolf was a read more

2     181    5    6876

Toys For Giants
© Sameer Nagarajan

Children Stories Fantasy

But today he sat in the garden, not knowing what to read more

3     490    5    4358

The Wrath Of God
© Namrata Garware

Children Stories Fantasy

When god saw the plight of nature, he was angry that man had destroyed the paradise read more

2     65    5    2936

The Nightmare Before Time
© Ankita Masih

Children Stories Drama +1

He stood there and watched her get suffocated even with a torn throat. He was still read more

10     93    2    1391

© Mridu Pawan Das

Children Stories Fantasy

All four get into the vehicle which disappears into the read more

2     240    5    4362

© Ajay Singla

Children Stories Fantasy

The story is a collection of childhood village read more

2     236    9    1339

Tales From The Land Of Wasps
© Anna Banasiak

Children Stories Fantasy

Tales From The Land Of read more

13     385    3    334

The Little Genie
© Amita Shrivastava

Children Stories Fantasy

It was Max. He was saved from the blast. Troy suddenly remembered about the machine read more

2     405    15    6843

The unexpected dark night
© Amanpreet Singh

Children Stories Fantasy

I, Manish and Shivani were going to school by foot. We were discussing about the read more

7     123    5    3365

The Little Genie

Children Stories Fantasy

It was a sunny day in California. There lived a cheerful family. Mr. Robert Cooper, read more

2     370    41    3767

The Adventure
© Sailee Meher

Children Stories Fantasy

Once upon a time, there was a king. He was kind, but he had stolen something, great read more

14     310    13    6848

Childish Miracle
© Suchismita Sahu

Children Stories Drama +1

One afternoon of a cold winter's day, when the sun shone forth with chilly read more

9     285    3    2948

The Octevoius Defeat
© Venu Pulibandla

Children Stories Drama +1

Ohhk my name is Shalom and I am a chemical engineer from Harvard University. My read more

4     537    8    10076

Gamma: A New Hope
© Akash Sharma

Children Stories Drama +1

"It's happening, Jonathen. It's here!" shouted Martha as she watched the single read more

40     143    5    2938

World Through A Telescope
© Vyomi Malik

Children Stories Fantasy

The story explains the universe using animals as the read more

3     119    2    3866

I.T. in MCG
© Venkatesh R

Children Stories Fantasy

Take a gander at everyday life in a unique and unconventional prospect. How does it read more

2     176    8    5092

A Kiss Which Never Happened
© Dinakar Reddy

Children Stories Fantasy

The male angel asks the boon that he wants to give light and life to the female read more

2     248    9    6856

The Mysterious Knock
© Aadya B

Children Stories Fantasy

A little girl dozes off while watching a horror movie and dreams of an adventure of read more

8     474    9    5084

The story of a little girl and her poor parents and her father's little pony which read more

8     528    11    588

The Droplet
© Rachel Singhal

Children Stories Fantasy

A water droplet befriends a little girl who is about to drink read more

3     477    9    2912

A Childish Miracle - II
© Suchismita Sahu

Children Stories Fantasy

"Mamma! mamma! We have finished our little snow-sister, and she is running about the read more

5     112    2    6213

Broken Clockwork
© Waverly Haught

Children Stories Drama +1

An interesting story of bots that are involved in all facets of everyday human read more

3     128    5    3850

A dream, a fantasy of a boy's encounter with a being from another land - a gaseous read more

11     154    4    1634

Fun With Robbie The Robot
© Vyomi Malik

Children Stories Fantasy +1

Mr. Tinker was a computer scientist and had invited friends at home for tea. When read more

4     47    2    8914

The World Is My Snowglobe
© Shiori Roy

Children Stories Drama +1

I caused it. All of it. And I'm pretty sure it was me and not global warming that read more

6     240    5    1629

© Chaitanya Prasad

Children Stories Drama +1

Each day is a precious gift, live it to its fullest, rejoice the joy of read more

7     400    9    2438

A Wonderful Magical School
© Amanpreet Singh

Children Stories Fantasy

This world was so fantastic, I got absorbed in this magnetic world. I forgot all read more

6     216    9    5086

The next morning, chuck got ready for his journey to search the fairy Fiona. He was read more

2     187    29    3784

"I would like to go." said Chuck "for I want to meet this beautiful read more

2     192    35    6794