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Powerful Thugs
Powerful Thugs

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Action Drama

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Raju, Shiv, Afroz, John, Parvinder, Joginder, a bunch of best friends were enjoying their dinner in open air at Papaji da Dhaba at NH1 near Amritsar. Suddenly a Mercedes stopped in front of the Dhaba. They saw two guys in safari got out of the car who looked like body guards or something. Then a fat guy in white clothes came out who looked like a local MLA or some politically influential guy. Another lean and cool looking kid came out who seemed like the son of fat guy.

They looked here and there, found one of the empty tables and sat there. There was a women who was taking the orders. The fat guy shouted at the women “Hey you come here, take our order soon”. The woman replied "I am taking the orders of customers who are already waiting for a long time, please give me a minute I will come take your order, please bear with me".

Fat guy:"You stupid lady, do you know who I am? I don’t have time for excuses, I have to go to other city urgently, now take my order, don’t talk much".

Women: "Sir. I request you to kindly mind your language and why is your time more important than others? There are others who are waiting from long time, let me take their orders first, if it’s really urgent I will tell the waiters to bring your order as soon possible after I take your order, please wait".

Fat guy became very angry, he got up from the table and slapped the women and shouted "can’t you understand simple language, I am getting late, just shut up and take my order first".

The woman’s husband, brothers and others workers at the Dhaba, other Dhaba waalas nearby saw what happened. All came running outside and thrashed the fat guy black and blue. His bodyguards and son tried to intervene and they got thrashed too.

Fat guy threatened saying that they did a very big mistake by beating him and that he was the local MLA. He threatened them that he would soon settle scores.

Woman’s husband: "I don’t care who you are, we don’t care what happens next. How dare you touch my wife, if you are an MLA, you think you can do whatever you want, don’t forget you became an MLA with our votes. You are not a monarch, you are a public servant, the kind of arrogance which you show now, where is it when you come to us for begging votes? All of the sudden you think you are above the law after winning with begged votes? Whole nation will know about this incident in few minutes, so behave.

Summary: Politicians are corrupt because we make them believe they are above us or above law. Politicians prosper because as a society we are divided.

politician corruption votes arrogance impatience threats

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