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Life In A Campus!!
Life In A Campus!!

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CAPMUS LIFE: Kalindi College – A Tradition , Heritage and Vision.....

 With the scorching heat of June and the sun shining bright just over our heads, there was a unique historic impression when we entered the Kalindi College, Delhi University Campus. The oldest college in Delhi, reflects history and prestige acquired by it over the years. A well designed beauty! With sophisticatedly clean gardens, old tall green palm trees covered under the shadow of nature, Delhi University Kalindi College is blessed with beauty. With so many trees, not a single shredded leaf was to be seen anywhere. Even with so much of heat the Campus maintains its charm and beauty of its lush green lawns of the Herbal garden, especially the front lawn of the college which is as green as anything can be! If you look at the entire campus of Kalindi College, it is definite that you would sense a subtle , proud feeling. The college is as serene as watching an old English lavish palace with impeccable architecture and foliage all around, almost similar to that of a classic British movie. Not just this, Kalindi College Delhi University has the best flora and fauna resources in its campus. The college, besides students and faculty, is home to many migratory birds too. The only reason for this bird to find home in this campus is due to its magical verdure. So if you really looking for a unique feature in a college, Kalindi has a history of being unique and ahead attached to it. It is a college that can give you what you desire and uplifts you to endless sky of opportunities. Just wish that you score in 12th board exam matches the DU cutoff for Kalindi College and lets you land in this college by fulfilling the DU admission process.

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