My Dear Love

My Dear Love

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She came running and smashed at the Hospital door and heard a crying noise and was fully excited.

Later rushed into the ward room and screamed, "My dear Priyansh!"

Once Priyansh held his hands tight with Priya, while they were on the way to enjoy the eve in a Park.

Days passed by and many called him! hey, master and with some strange names...

I was wondering where did this person Priyansh vanish and is he still there, If so ....?

Finally one day got answer for all these questions and when everyone thought that I was fit for nothing.

Priya was the one who came in running, stood and shouted and gave answer for everyone and all the.... ?

I was stunned and also was surprised by the answer from Priya, "Here is my Priyansh and he will achieve great heights in Life."

These words impressed and am here in front of you all standing proudly presenting a Small Story.

Its were after all these was possible because of only person Priya, Lovelable Sister of Priyansh......!

Non can replace a Love and affection more than a Mother for their son and if its done, That is only by Sister...

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