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Salutation – You Prepared Me!
Salutation – You Prepared Me!

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Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Guru Devo, Maheswaraha

Gurur Saakshat, Para Brahma, Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

How many of you remember chanting these prayers?

Honestly, the prayer takes me back to my school days. My school had a long assembly hall. All of us would excitingly assemble for our morning prayers sharp at 7.30 am. The echo of all the students chanting the prayers loudly, at the top of their voice and probably wanting to outdo the other is so vividly etched onto my mind. We were naïve, we only understood that as a part of the morning assembly we had to chant the prayers one after the other. We probably did not have the maturity to reflect and understand the meaning of it all. It was just a part of our daily ritual. It was fun though and helped us create memories!

However, anything learnt as a kid stays on with us forever. In addition, over the years, they have started making sense to all of us. Isn’t it?

So, of all the slokas, why do I write about this particular sloka today?

Well, you guessed it right. It is Guru Pournima today - the day we dedicate to all our gurus and express our gratitude for all the life lessons they have imbibed in us.

What do we understand from the sloka?

Umm, let us break down the sloka to be able to understand it better:

Gurur Brahma – our Guru is the creator

Gurur Vishnu – our Guru is the Preserver

Gurur Deva Maheshwara – our Guru is the Destroyer

Our Guru is the absolute power, the highest lord – my salutations to my Guru

I would like to share a very short story that stays on my mind about a little girl named Kyra.

Kyra belonged to a normal middle class family. On the last day of her 10th standard board exam, she went to meet her Guru to thank her for all the support that her guru gave her so that she could do well during her tenure at school. She loved her Guru to the moon and back.

The next obvious question her Guru asked was: Kyra, what will you do in the next two months of your summer vacation? Poor little Kyra had no clue whatsoever (probably just like you and me). Kyra naively replied, "I think I will go to the school library and read up books or maybe start something of my own so that I could make some money". This triggered a thought on to her Guru's mind.

Her Guru called her the next day and said, Kyra why don't you work with me for two months? The only condition being you will have to work for 12 hours every day and there will be no weekends too. However, you will learn something as also earn a few bucks. Ouch! That hurts, isn’t it? For a small kid who just finished her boards and probably wanted to relax and enjoy like her other friends; here she was offered an opportunity to work. However, Kyra was different. The idea in itself excited Kyra who thought it was a great learning opportunity as also a good notion to support herself and her family.

And, that my dear friends was Kyra's first step towards learning and earning. Kyra knew that her work, her dedication, her positive attitude will definitely take her places, ONE DAY.

What do you think Kyra learnt from her Guru?

Kyra told me her story one day and she shared few things that are engraved onto my mind. They are as follows:

1. I learnt to build greater relationships and value them all

2. There is no shortcut to success

3. Hard work, dedication and the right positive attitude will take you places

4. Learn and keep learning, there is no right time or right age

5. Manage your finances well, respect money

6. Be your own advocate, don't overdo. Let your work speak for yourself too :)

7. Be your own fitness expert

8. Be your own critique

I think Kyra through her short story taught me my life lessons.

Just like Kyra, we all have our Guru's who have taught us, moulded us and shaped us into the person we have become today. Without their huge support and dedication, we would not have reached such great echelons in life.

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