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Life.. Live It Or Live With It
Life.. Live It Or Live With It

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An Indian girl, belonging to an upper middle class family, Rihana had only one dream.. to make her patents proud.

Rihana always learnt from her elder sister Suhana what not to be done to have a harmony at home , though Rihana was closest to her sister, she always find solace in confessing everything and anything about her life to Suhana. It started from goofing up in assessment exams in school to her dentist neighbour crush elder to her by 7 years.

Suhana in the contrary was the girl a guy deemag of, wild in achieving fun , enjoyment and at the same time scholar in her college.

The story revolves back in 2005, when Rihana got admission in college in one of the prestigious and mass upholding universities of India. Suhana was admitted to her Post graduation the very same year.

Soon after an year it was their parents 25th Anniversary and there was grand celebrations at home. Watching Suhana turning into a beautiful girl, the marital proposals for Suhana were overflowing. But papa was not in the frame of mind to let go of her daughter so easily. Besides Suhana was Pershing studies.

Immidiatly after anNiversary papa was diagnosed with kidney cyst (a type of cancer) knowing his emotional side, he never told any of su h things to his daughters, n infact on the day of surgery he went to market to but groceries.

Surgery went fine and Suhana and Rihana saw some other side of their mom.she stood rock solid with paa and never the daughters saw a tear in her eyes. She used to wake up prepare bf and do house hold chores n leave home leaving daughters at 5.00 am for aims in Dec morning in Delhi.

Soon after , it was time for Suhana to leave for bangalore as he was places in a highly esteemed profiel in one of the best IT companies in India. At that time Rihana thought she lost her best friend.the real struggle started to come after that.

SOon after the elder sis left home, they were burlgular attack at their residence and pa n maa lost their harf earned money which they have kept at home to make a down payment of the house. Rihana saw what she never dreamt of..the cry an pain in pa n maa eyes was unbearable for her.she composed herself and fouht and at teh same time losing the best friend was f creating a void in her life. She started to become close with her post grad friends (yes she passed her college and was admitted to do her pg like her sis)

Till this point, the only person Rihana was close was her real sister, she never had any good real friends may be because she never opebed her heart of trust for anyone leave it a boy friend.

But while doing PG she became v good friends with. Lot of people Nd for the first time realised the importance of friendship. Her gand that she recalls was of 14 members ,4 of which are boys.

She and her best friend Karan were the talk of the college. She was the topper like her sister but was v low on confidence unlike her sis who was enjoying her bangalore life.

In these years dhe became v close to ma n pa as she was teh only one with them. She was even given a Prudential treatment by mummy papa n she enjoyed every bit of it.

It was 2010 and wedding bells for her sis rang. Suhana decided to marry one her classmates. Belonging to pandit family, the boy side ws in a toss to accept the relation. But eventually they gave in on his son's s Virat 's demand.

Virat was the best thing happend to Suhana.

After marriage Suhana and Virat faced some marital issues, in laws issues which also affected Rihana, ma n pa.

Pa ma Su and Ri were v close to each other. Ma n pa would realise su n ri are on trouble even if they don't confess, such was their closeness. Virat and Suhana decided to live seperatly away from su in less nad build life of those own with their NEw one coming.

The LO arrived which. On joined the 2 families differences and he was names Atharva. A was v close to his masi Ri.

Soon after Ri was to get married. And she was not in frame of mind of that.

Ri started thinking negative of her parents that they want to get rid off her. Besides Ri was so low on confidence, she had witnessed the no of proposals that came for Su. And it was only 2 proposals that came for Ri., The second one she accepted.

Also knowing the nature of Su ,It's would be husband Sameer was also v talkative most with Su.

Sam made his place in the house and had superb chemistry with Ri too.

Ri had to leave her hometown in delhi n live and start her new life in Mumbai. She left her parents , sis all her friends just because of 1 thing. she made this decision only to be away from her MIL as she had witnessed her sis Su case way back and she did not want that to happen with her.

But life has its own course. If u wish to run away from something, u will always be playing hide and seek and will have a fear to get caught, it is good to face off it permanently.

Sameer was the only child and her mother single parented him.

It eventually turned out that at some point of time she will come.and live with her son. Ri's soon as realised this , started taking stress.. the 1st line her dream and everything else was second priority.

She became mother to a beautiful son Arnav after 2nd yr and motherhood, responsibility of house , stress of mil coming and staying permanently, living far away from ma n pa, ma n pa turning old started to take away her life from her.

She was so stressed that having a calibre n getting rejected in 1000's of interviews she gave to get a better job became her routine. She started to degrade herSelf,but one fine day she met her old school friend From 8th std,

Sanjana and she confessed everything to her, her mil issues her issues with job, child , husband, house chores.

It's not that Sanjana who also is parenting twins has a rosy life, it's just that when you need someone to confess sometimes may not be your family ma pa and Su who were v close n even Sam was close to her u need some one to get your that side open which u can't in front of your relatives.(your heart)

To save ur heart u have to open up to your life.

Those are called friends, and some friends are for lifetime while others are Life... Live it ...

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