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The Untold Feelings
The Untold Feelings

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Sadaf decided to drop his sister to school today. It was after 10 years he actually decided to spend time with her. He woke up early, prepared for the day, took a shower and picked the best clothes he had. He didn't have a lot of options, except the three pairs of clothes he got as a gift from his friends on his birthday. Birthday was a rare occasion for him; he recalled the time his sister was born and how happy he was when he heard the news over a call. Tears dropped down his cheeks recalling the moment of that happiness. Reality hit him and he realized he has to get ready for the big day. The reason he was going to school that day was very special and he would trade the world to spend the last day with her.

Sadaf went to her room, to see his sister and to her surprise, she was sleeping. She looked just like an angle. He went next to her and just put his hands on her cheeks, trying not to wake her up. However, she woke up by her elder brother’s presence. She woke up in the best mood, seeing her elder brother in her room for the first time. As she was waking up, her brother informed her that he is going to drop her to school. She was excited like a baby and started to get ready. Mrs. Khan was in shock when she came to her room that her daughter was already in the bathroom. Today there was no screaming, shouting and running around the house. She looked at Sadaf and lost all her happiness in a blink of an eye. She brushed of her sadness and went to the kitchen to prepare Sadaf’s favorite dishes. The Khan family ate their meals in silence. Noor however was really happy because she could show off his hot elder brother. You could make out in her smile that she was really happy and excited about it.

Sadaf and Noor sat in the jeep and started the trip. Noor spoke throughout the journey and Sadaf was just patiently listening to everything. Noor just ranted from girls in her school to kids in her colony. When they reached the school, Noor became silent. Sadaf asked her why, but she didn’t answer. After few brief minutes, Noor told Sadaf that he should visit them more often. She told him that Mrs. Khan cries a lot when everyone is sleeping, and goes to Sadaf’s room when no one is around. Mr. Khan goes to run every morning wearing Sadaf’s shoes so he feels that Sadaf is around and not very far. Sadaf is listening to all his and doesn’t utter a word. The bell rings, and Noor starts running towards her class. Sadaf waves her goodbye, Noor comes back, opens her bag and removes an Indian flag from between her notebooks and pins it up on her brothers crisp white shirt and wishes him Independence Day.

Sadaf just looks at her sister of how proud and strong she is, after all she is a soldier’s sister. For a soldier the nation comes first, not even his family. Even though Sadaf lost his life on the battle the next day, he knows that he will always live in Noor's heart.

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