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Condition Of Government School
Condition Of Government School

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Story is of 21st July, 2018. This is my own experience.Fact of government school in villages.

Today morning I got a chance to go one of government schools which is near by my area. Every Saturday my colleagues go there but I never got a chance, but today I got it. It was a primary school. It was an amazing experience. I was so happy to see these cute little faces. Off course their curious eyes wanted to know why we were there. All were giggling. Atmosphere was as mesmerizing as their smiles. Then we started taking classes. I got 8th standard class. I was taking their introduction but the sad part was these innocent souls didn't know how to write their names in English. Then I asked them about what they learned in computer from my colleagues last Saturday. I was so shocked that only one girl had written some of things. No one from them know anything about the last computer lecture. I asked one girl from them that why are you not writing or studying anything then she said what will we do by studying this all. I was speechless after this answer.

After all this, I asked them if you're not interested why you guys come here? To eat? And they said YES. This is the situation of government schools.They are not even aware about importance of education. What will be the future of our country if it's kids don't know how to write their names and how will India become digitalized when it's future generation is not aware about education...?

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