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My First Breakup

My First Breakup

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I was in class XI when I have my first crush. In this time my condition was not better than a parrot who just achieved liberty from his caged life. Because in my old girls school we were under military control of our headmistress. May be her lineage came from a military family .So in this school it was taught to became a good girl but only learn the acting of a good girl.

So when we joined in a coed school after 10, we all vowed to make a boyfriend. Yet we never fulfil our promise to bring goodresult in next exam all tried our best to fulfil our this promise of making a boyfriend.

I was looking for a guy also. But the old friends who knew me a lot did not give me Bhaav. so I must had to find a new boy.

One day in the road to my school my cycle collided with a boy in spite of being my fault the boy said me sorry and obviously I crashed on him.

On coming school, I noticed that the boy also came to the school surprisingly he entered in my class but not in my section. Although it was hurting for me but it was also chilling me that he was in my class.

Then I had to find my bestie Anahita because she was the one who promised me to find a perfect guy for me. But surprisingly when I went to her I found her crying after a general enquiry, I came to know that the guy whom she was dating for months rejected her. Although I have a new beginning but I felt bad for her. so I tried best to console her. Then I told him my story although she was crying but my story made her smile .she also went with me to see the boy.

"The boy is handsome . he is a cute and have a decent face "- Anahita said surprisingly.

Then we together tried to follow the boy. Within two days we got his information. One day when I was returning from school, a voice called me from behind. Surprisingly turning my head I found the heaven. It’s was the boy who was saying me - are you ok after this incident.

I said - no I am okay. Are you okay?

The boy politely said -I am okay. what is your name?

we had a beautiful conversation and would carry the conversation but a devil boy who knew me since my childhood taunted me and i chased him.

Next day when i came to school, I found that Anahita was talking to the boy. Although it was surprising for me but I did not mind anything. I asked her - what you're talking with him ?

She said about Shubho. Do you know that the boy is his best friend.

I said - no I don't know anything but what you are asking him.

Anahita said - I asking him about the reason for which Shubho rejected me.

I said - oh.

Days passed . The boy was too much friendly with us. He stalked us everytime. The boy did not said me anything clearly, but was giving clues. Anahita was our medium of speaking .

It was just before 2 days of our school fest. I was determined to know the boys opinion. I sent Anahita to the boy and told her -

" promise me today you will only talk about me not about Shubh. please promise me " and I made her promised to me.

After tiffin-break i went to Anahita. But why i don't know, it seemed that she was avoiding me. But like brave Hanuman, i did not stop chasing her. After a lot of hide and seek, i caught her. Asking about the boy, she said something which made me speechless . I was taken aback.

The stupid boy said that i was her second choice and his first love was none but Anahita. What?

I came back to home. My eyes were heavy with tears. I found nothing to do. So i went to bed .

When i woke up, it was raining. I was looking at the rain. Unknowingly i understood that the boy was the most stupid. He insulted me. Do i really need someone to make me cry? Why i am crying for the boy. I am a blessing for him but he is like a curse for me. So why i am ccrying for him?

I woke up from bed and took all the poem i had written previously for the boy. I went in the rain . and destroyed all of the paper. I felt that i really don’t need someone to spend my life. It i's my life so i can handle it . And also he is not made for me. If God made him for me he never left me in lurch. My tears were vanished. I went the fridge and took ice cream and chilling with my favourite cartoon shin chan.

It was evening. I got a phone call. It was my another friend Debika. She said something shocking. She said that the boy came to her and told her that he liked me surely. Devils said me that on the day of school fest he would propose me. Then she pleaded me again and again - please accept him. Don’t hurt him. I was feeling disturbed. So i lashed at her and cut the call.

Next day it was our school fest. I dressed beautifully and went there. Many of them commented that i was looking pretty.

It was the time of dance. I was happily dancing. Suddenly the boy came and proposed me. I was not surprised. I knew what I had to do. My hand did not take to the rose but my hand stuck in his face. Yes i slapped him.

"You bloody boy. How dare you to propose me? What did you think about girls? They are not toys. How dare you to call me second choice? Get out from here." -i lashed at him.

I came back to the dance floor. The song was playing - jugni udi jugni udi nayi nayi pankh liye pingra thod o pinjra thod.

The bird i's flying with new wings let her fly.

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