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Chilled Thoughts
Chilled Thoughts

© Kalai Selvi Arivalagan


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Cold nights of the rainy season,
make me shiver and curl inside.
Dark seems to soothe me -
my body, my mind, my everything.
I keep myself warm near the fire,
with lapsing thoughts on my mind.
Would it be suitable to have a passionate lover
by my side on a cold night like this!
No, No. It's absurd to think this way!
Emotions vanish away like clouds
which always keep changing shape.
Chilled winds of the west prick me,
I am shifted towards another thought.
A real companion by my side would have been
suitable to discuss something!
Cheer up my heart for a while!
Still my thoughts wander far away.
In the dim light of a melting candle
It's wonderful to meditate,
Meditate in the name of God.
I feel like I'm inside a maze,
I know the way to exit, yet cannot.
Peeping rays of moon and the stars chuckle
aloud at my puzzled mind
Now I realize – Meditation –
let peace rule me by sleep.
My mind shuts away the puzzles.
Now, nothing can enter my heart
for I have become one, beyond everything.
A daring lover or a silent companion or the real beauty of nature,
Nothing can make me feel at rest
to enjoy an eternal peace of mind.
Calmness seems to enclose me.
Believing dawn to be near,
I lay down saying my prayers.

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