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The Demon
The Demon

© Sanika Wagh


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Red eyes, bull horns, razor-sharp canines;
Isn’t that how a demon is defined?
I believed the same, I was afraid of the dark,
Silly! I believed the light would drive him off.
But mind you I was young, naïve even.
How could I have known the real demon?
Now that I am older, I have met him in person,
For now he dwells inside me.
No horns, no teeth, still terrifies me.
He feeds off my fears, my insecurities help him grow
One day, I am afraid, he will devour me whole.
Cause he is growing in the darkness,
The darkness of my mind,
While I desperately try to turn on the light.
But it’s harder than you think, I kid you not.
He holds on to me with all that he’s got.
Don’t waste your time searching, you won’t see any scars
Some wounds are such, they don’t leave a mark.
And that, my friend, makes it harder,
To tell you I suffer, without driving you farther.
You tell me, “Get over it. It’s all inside your head.”
I would have loved if that were true, but I cannot lie to myself.
My dead teacher, he speaks to me from the grave,
He is the only one who gets my deal,
“Of course it’s happening inside your head,
But why on earth should that mean it’s not real?”
I don’t know if these words reassure or petrify me,
Though I know he’s there, I see the way out nowhere
The demon, he’s satisfied, he’s laughing with glee,
No horns, no teeth, still terrifies me.

#demon #depression #real

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