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The Almighty..
The Almighty..

© Deepak Kumar Dey


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O supreme father, The  Almighty!!
is it true,
your are deaf??
Why you have been hearing loud speaker?
Are you not a silent listener?
Can't you hear?
The soul's request,
polite subordinate,
can't you hear the silent unuttered melancholic voices of the poor's lips
that speaks in detail,
weighing the words
and speaks highly of YOU
reading and speaking by the books.
O Almighty!!

Is it your blessings upon us,
who we trust you on than our angel mother,
O the creator!

We are slave of your passion, a  proportionate thing.
We are controlled, confiding the secrets of soul to you ,
to be tested on the  touchstone.

O The Almighty ,
silently we pray you
to rise up from sleep,
to climb up, to rise up high
to your divinity we should keep !.

O The Almighty, The Supreme Father,
warn us of a danger
warn us against ill and vice, not to utter
we are strong and active for your sympathy
when we quench and seek for tranquility and happiness.

O'The  Almighty, The Supreme commander,
the creator of the mysterious universe!!
We have not forgotten that we had heard in tender childhood from grandparents under the moonlight in all verse;
O' The creator of the universe!

Since then we see you in them
find you in those unforgettable fairy stories;
to leap the heart up with joy
and to brust into laughter.

During the hardest times
let us not force for mistake
we pray you never do ignore
we will patiently wait for your answer to hear.
let us keep us as your own
we are void of commonsense
please let us not make a victim of your anger,
O' The creator.

You are the creator
You are the destroyer
You are the survivor.

The Almighty..

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