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Over And Over Again
Over And Over Again

© Shashank Sharma


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When I count my breath, I wonder how light carries on endlessly even after death,

As if it is only meant to be seen by my eyes, the thought of it only blows my mind several times.

Many things are step away from real life; it’s a wonder why I chase it or even want it

Things like a light in the dark, like the wheel discovered by chance,

Optimistic or bitter I follow it,

Until my heart says this is it.

I’ll try to win someone’s soul and heart, not just a goal or an award,

Won’t care if I lose or if I win,

But would care when I am someone’s bruise or the reason for a grin.

I’ll make sure that the final day I die,

I hold my head up high and tell everyone that at least I tried.

*but nothing seems to turn out the way I thought they would*

Those memories I learnt, these memories I burn,

Once they were the priorities of my life

Once they covered majority of my mind

Now, everything is broken into pieces

Those memories are now trash,

A page that is now nothing more than just ash.

It's because of that thing that I know

I am not what I thought I was

this world is not what I thought it  was

It's the wrath of souls I can see now

It's the changing world I can see how.

Scribbles me, troubles me, cuts me, hurts me,

Do I care? No.

I'll just start over again, because, remember,

This world, this light, 

They are just meant to be seen by my eyes. 

eyes reality optimistic soul grin cuts scribbles

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