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A Shout Out
A Shout Out

© Sanjana Choudhary


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We are sorry for hurting your sentiments

And now we can make no amends

After all that we have spoken

The trust of our forefathers we have broken


We had to serve as your torch bearers

We were your biggest stake holders

But now the fire is divided between the people who want to see you thrive

And others who vow to break you up with bullets and knives


The left and the right

Are not synonymous to wrong and right

This is not a battle between religion and castes

But a battle that needs to be fought to make your integrity last


We cannot let terrorists define martyers

We cannot let politicians decide what's ours and what's theirs

We cannot stab your back in the name of freedom of speech

We cannot generalize what a certain section of people preach


I am sorry that some people did this to you

Those who made us question our patriotism were very few

And on behalf of the others who stand by your side

We promise to regain your pride with all our might


When I look up high

I want to see you flutter in the sky

And when I look down below

I will always worship the soil that had let me grow! 

#JNUincident #Tricolour #India

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