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My Rookie Mistake
My Rookie Mistake

© Fathima Rezwan


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As the stunning starry gloss and glamor blazoned its flavor
Dressed in glitter, asked me to take off my shielding armor
It peeked inside and kept asking, for nothing but always more.
And one day, as time wore out it took its chance and labeled me bore.

The round framed specks around my naked weary old eyes
Face untainted; without a tinge of the mandatory artificial lies
Bare dried up lips and oiled curly tangles proves it all,
The toils, the struggles, notoriously dark nights and every fall.

That day, the charming friendly mirror reflected me with soul
This day, from it, stares back a scared pretentious troll.
First day, first show, featured a drastic maneuvered pancake makeover
Last day, none to care and nor did bother if I am breathing alive or sober.
But all lights paved way to the same scary, familiar darkness
Camera and action failing its charm on my destined doom in sadness.

Now that I sadly realize, a road better chosen then might
Have fought fate’s brutality and feigned some refreshing light.
To the heart, to soul maybe to love, cherish and adore.
A star? Writing was my call though the kid in me did greed for more.

Today it is pure regret that brims off me every time, as my pen glides
Onto paper, and I see that something about them does chime
A spark to my soul. Glam and gloss could live in letters too
And my eyes fill up as the words form an old sentence or two.

That day, none bothered to warn me to not sell my soul for gold.
This day, the world sees a regretful helpless me, so tired and old.

Then again you still have the sand clock in its prime; only half full
And so I beg you in despair, to chase passion and nothing less wonderful,
Glory aside I confess to you; a soul bared in its true path is the most beautiful.
Thus if so, today you can be the candle and me the mirror that reflects
Your soul’s true destiny and may nothing deter your passion and no regrets.

- Inspired; “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” - Oprah Winfrey. 


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