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Nostalgia: Drops Of Recurring Memories
Nostalgia: Drops Of Recurring Memories

© Abhi Kanel


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I wish the summer would just end
Sometimes for the monsoon;
sometimes the spring and autumn for winter.
Hope this pain would just vanish
Away before another rain pours down
For my bail. After having relieved all
Of it once before, I hope to see the face
Of the sun again, but the rain comes
Down again and reminds you what you
Have already lived can be lived again.
This time, maybe, just a little better.
With better will to live, to cherish
The indignant winter, the impatient sun,
The reserved snow, the rain, nostalgia: with friends
Around eating ice cream and cigarettes
On the rusty street of a dark cold winter, or
A glance of Linda whose eyes
I really admired or the day she told that she loved me; 
The day mother called asking how I was doing;
The innocent smile of my baby sister as she looked up
At me and told how much she missed me, or
The lonely stray dog whose hunger I felt
And fed as much as I could: an ecstatic feeling .
If the day repeats itself again with everyday
Seeming endlessly the same, I would like
To have the chance to live it better again.
The rain will come again.

And remind you the rest.

Nostalgia Rain

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