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Ode To The Spirit Divine-Mother Earth
Ode To The Spirit Divine-Mother Earth

© Priyanka Roy


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"Ode to the spirit divine - Mother Earth"
Thou guide the driving force below
And sublime the towers of the sky ,
Thou curve the path of the streams
And stretch the mountains standing high .
Thou silence the tumultuous seas
Thou make the invisible winds to swing ,
Thou blossom the flowers within
And praise the butterflies with colourful wings .
Beyond all imagination of Man
Thou art the celestial spirit that guide ,
Thou charms art unquestionable
Thou powers art thus , undenied .
All the charms that thou play around
All the doubts that thou doth know ,
Thou can make the summers hot
Thou can make the winters snow .
Thou art the God's only creation
Our only hope of felicity ,
Mountains,Rivers,Birds and Flowers
Praise thou , O Omnipotent , O diety !
Thou art the friend of the dreamy star,that shines above
And shines above with a dazzling light ,
Thou company the birds to their nests
And lullaby them through the night .
The soft winds that blow thy hair
And call upon the winnowing gleam ,
The dark clouds that circle around
And scatter at the shot of the sunbeam .
Droplets of rain touch thy feet
And cherish the nature that tend ,
Thou art the spirit of amiability
Thou art the Heaven's only friend .
No fallacy tempts thou in
No temptation breaks thy mirth ,
Only contentment doth we gain
In thy bowers , O Mother Earth !
The vales hue rejoices the scene
The meadows green acts as a coverlid ,
Thy sweet breath that flickers in air
The sighs of joy that beneath thy heart is hid .
Thou are a guiding star
That illuminates the heart with a silvery shine ,
Oh , What a fancy , what a wonder !
Ode to ye , O Goddess divine .
Thou blush in the Springs through the mist and dew
In winters , thou melteth thy domain ,
Thou art a glorious image of eternity
Thou creation - serene and plain.
Thou wear the armaments of life
And sit among the birds in throne ,
Thou art a Sapphire queen of the mid-May
That chimes in solace in every zone .
Let us feel the pleasures up
And live the life to the contentment confine ,
Thou art a fairy alive
O Mother Earth , a Goddess divine .

divine earth thou creation serene sapphire

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