Sex - Not A Bad Word

Sex - Not A Bad Word

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Sex For Heaven's Sake's Not A Bad Word

In front of all the pious men women,

Elite, polite, polished, accomplished,

Don't know to establish with logical acumen

I have this truant of a naughty mind,

That’s perhaps so nasty, unkind,

Arrogant maybe with an irreverent tongue,

Sing the word that’s by design unsung,

Out in the weather rigid and cold,

Say the taboo word proud and bold.

It is the word, for which we live and die,

Yet in public to express we deny,

Physically or mentally we're constantly in the game,

Without any guilt, without the slightest shame,

Screech it out without a bit of a halt,

It’s no crime and no one’s fault,

Use the word with your flesh and blood,

Sex for heaven’s sake’s not a bad word.

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