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Happy Birthday Dad
Happy Birthday Dad

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Not many can have a father, a superman like you,

In the whole world there could hardly be one or two.

I feel extremely lucky to have you as my dad,

When I see you smiling, this makes me feel glad.

A person who is filled with a great positivity,

A person who is well known to the sense of creativity.

I really find a pure soul inside your heart,

As you always motivated everyone for a new start.

When you smile, you make the world smile along with you,

This is a wonderful act of happiness, that happily you do.

Whenever I listen to your sweet words, that makes my day,

A positive and a talented person can cross each and every way.

You live far miles away and away from us,

A place where from India, we can't reach you by bus.

These long and long miles cannot make us weak,

As a positive person's smile is more strong than a teak.

A birthday wish to a wonderful dad,

A small effort done by his daughter to make him feel glad.

May you enjoy a lot and have much fun,

And not to forget we will together dance in the bright sun!!

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