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Shadow And Scream
Shadow And Scream

© Meetu Nadir


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A shadow and a scream mingle into the night
To dance to the tunes of my deepest fright
Daring me to open my eyes shut ever so tight
As they laugh over my misery and state of plight

As the flicking lights give shape to the shadow
It rises higher on my walls looking like gallows
As I envision myself being hanged and feeling sallow
I feel the sting of death hitting me like an arrow

Then I hear the scream whispering in my ears
Laughing so silently about some secret we share
It calls out my name as it creeps up the stairs
Sucking out life from my surroundings and air

I try to ignore the two creeping into my thought
But so helpless I seem as I am unawares caught
Napping in my warm cozy bed, my ever safe spot
Woken by my own screams and a haunting plot

My stomach still in a knot, I slowly open my eyes
Looking into faces eager with worry and surprise
Expecting me to perhaps recount and summarize
To offer their sympathy and maybe some advice  

However, as I Iook on I feel I am still dreaming
I still see the shadow lurking there and beaming
And I know the scream is nearby busy scheming
On how to ruin my night and wake me screaming!!!

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