Purva Ingale


Purva Ingale

He Stood There

He Stood There

3 mins

He stood there, staring blankly at the door. Not knowing, what to do. He had never opened the door with a key before. He didn’t know which key was meant for the outer door and which was for the inner one. Shivering, he tried every one from her bunch. Trying, which one would work. Eventually, with two clicks, success was his. But there was no joy in his victory.

He entered. The tea had frosted on the table with yesterday’s breakfast for company. Both, neatly placed on the beautiful brown table mat. They were longing for him. Awaiting his arrival. The tube light in the kitchen was still on. The half-cooked rice in the pot and the roti on the pan waited patiently. The flour waited to be cleaned from where it didn’t belong. They all waited for her. How was he going to tell them? How was he going to break this news? That, now, she had left for a place far beyond. Never to return. Ever.

The beep of his message tone brought him back. What was that? Why was he home again? What had the doctors’ asked? Yes! I came back. A fresh set of clothes to dress her in. He threw some stuff in a bag and was about to leave….

The phone rang. It was her. How was it possible? Her phone was in his pocket. He removed it and stared at the dead screen. There was nothing. Yet, she was calling him! Was this a prank? Some sick joke by a creep? The volcano enraged, he answered.

“Hello my love!”

He felt the ground move.

“Don’t be scared dear. It is really me.”

“But you… The doctor… I saw…”

“Yes. I am dead. I died yesterday in the hospital.”

“Who is this? What sick joke is this?”

“Darling! Believe me! It is me. I needed to say something to you and God allowed me this one phone call. I don’t have much time.”

“Why did you go? You can’t leave me like this! You, can’t go!”

“I am sorry! I didn’t get a choice. I didn’t have one. He didn’t give me one.”


“You can. You can do this! You will do this! You need to do this! She needs you!”

“But she took you! Took you away from me! She doesn’t deserve to live! She doesn’t deserve this life!”

“We cannot decide that. And she did nothing. She did not do this. She was the medium. He was the one. He has always been the one.”


“Yes! She is a fighter. An angel. Our angel. But she can’t live without you.”

“I can’t! I really can’t. You always do this to me.”

“Sweetie! She is a part of me. A reflection of us. Will you abandon us? Leave her? You are not a quitter. Fight for her! Fight like you fought for me! Promise me!”

“How can I? Without you? I can’t function without you!”

“You have to be me and you. You have it in you. He believes it…. And now, I believe it too.”

“This is not fair.”

“Nothing about has ever been fair, has it? So, you will go?”

“Do you leave me with a choice?”

“You know, I am proud of you. I always have been. I am grateful for our life and would never change it for anything. You were my world. Still are. Take care of yourself. I love you! Don’t ever forget that!”

“Don’t go! No…….Please don’t leave me! Please don’t go!”

“I am always going to be around. Watching you two. Being everything to you that I promised. I will never leave you. You are my soul. I love you!”

“I…. love… you…. Too!”

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