Do You Know Him?

Do You Know Him?

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Sometimes it’s just empty. The human brain, the mind of the sentient being of the fifth order. Eerie nights filled with nothing but just cold feeling of emptiness, no emotions no physical activity,and certainly no sleep but a cold feeling of nothingness. A euphoric state of mind I say, because in that time you are the best company you can give yourselves. I have had endless discussions with myself, pondering on the facts that why I have abondoned my beauty sleep, for which I long so much when I am required to be productive.

And in such times there’s a question that always confuses me, makes me debate with myself for hours and hours, concluding , deciding, eliminating but not reaching an answer.

“Do you know him?”

The question in retrospect being do we know each other?

You may think that you know the people you interact with on a regular basis.

But do you really know, what they are? What they want? What they dream of becoming? Or how?

Do we really know the people we think we know?

For example, Mr. Smith a 30 some gentleman works as the bank manager, drives a Chevy to work everyday, beautiful wife married 3 years.

Now, to the neighbours he is a man with polite voice, good job happy family. Shows up at the community meetups, and Mrs. Golmes specifically thinks it’s time they had a baby. Very nosey that Mrs. Golmes.

To his colleagues a good boss, is available when help is required, fills the appraisals beautifully and doesn’t like to hang out for drinks after the office hours. But his secretary Marie in particular has an inclined liking that is so obviously visible. Maybe because she also is his mistress. Now for Marie he is the perfect lover, showers her with gifts takes her out in expensive diners,an animal in bed, all what a girl her age wants.

To his wife Mrs. Claire Smith he has been a bit nonchalant, not like him as she knows him from college, being calm and composed not really his fort’e he used to be more of the charming kind. Well other than that fulfills his responsibilities, pays for whatever she wants to buy, attends family dinners, acts like he is listening when she talks, a perfect dormant husband.

To his friends, well he has none. Except for a young boy named Kevin, with whom he smokes a joint whenever he is overworked. To Kevin he is no more than another guy who sometimes hangs in Kevin’s usual spot, the parking lot of his campus building.

Now, out of all of them who really does know John Gilbert Smith.

Some might say the mistress Marie, because instead of his wife John gives time to her. But what Marie doesn’t know is that Johnis involved with Drug smugglers, and helps them with Money Laundering and all the Checks get verified under the name of no one else but Marie.

A close friend of mine believes that the one person that knows the most about John is the teenage boy who masturbates to his English Professor and also her Daughter. You guessed it right Kevin. well actually, Kevin does know about John being involved with the smugglers as they caught John once and roughed him up for not delivering the payments on time.

You may think as much you want but you would never be able to determine whether anybody knows John Gilbert Smith.

Let’s take this time to think, why we don’t take into consideration what the people around us do, and why we don’t know them better? When the only thing that we’ll have in the end would be our fellow samaritans.

Why do we know more about inanimate objects than we know about our fellow human beings. What kind of a future are we headed towards?

Have we brought this upon us ourselves? Has the technological advancement gone too far?

Is it time to come on a halt and retrace our steps, so the future can be a bit more civilized and not filled with bigotry and self-centred beings, who would no longer be humane.

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