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Devangi Mistry

Drama Action Thriller


Devangi Mistry

Drama Action Thriller

Ashokpriya 5

Ashokpriya 5

8 mins 260 8 mins 260

Ashok was putting the royal stamp on the letter which the messenger had to take along to bring the specialists from South for detection of the reason for the mysterious deaths happening in Madhuvan. He was sitting in his office. The proceedings of the courtroom had gotten over soon after the Finance Minister had presented his case. As the messenger left, Mihir came in.

"Ashok, I need to talk." He said with an air of urgency.

Ashok got startled, he got up from his chair and went up to Mihir, "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, but I actually wanted to talk to you about what happened today…" Mihir said. Ashok made a quizzical face, he inquired, "What happened today?"

"Ashok, the way you reacted to the Finance Minister...everyone noticed it. He is very senior, you should not have talked so rudely." Mihir said reproachfully.

"Oh please don't sermonize me Mihir. I have had enough of these people. They cannot handle their own ministries and then ultimately stand in front of me in surrender. If I have to handle everything myself then what are they here for? Should I lay them off, my treasury will be saved!" Ashok retorted sarcastically.

Mihir stood silent for a while then shaking his head he said, "Ok let's change the topic, after you finish with your work, we can have a short music recital?"

"No, not today. I am busy and anyway we are going hunting with Devendra in the evening, so let me finish my work, otherwise Kuldeep will come reprimanding me for overlooking my duties as king!" 

"Hail Kuldeep baba!" Mihir mocked while Ashok sniggered.

Ashokpriya had ordered the port to be vacated for investigation as she had sent a police officer to inform in the palace as well. While they had left the port, Ashokpriya had got the soldiers to arrange for a makeshift bed to carry Jaimal to the palace. On their way back, as the other man rode alongside Ashokpriya, she asked, "I am sorry I don't recognize you…"

The man replied, "I am Jaimal's mama, maternal uncle, I am actually Chandra's younger brother, I had to come to meet her, then…" He stopped as Ashokpriya sneezed.

"God bless," He said. Ashokpriya pressed the bridge of her nose to release the irritation. Her hair was still wet and clothes drenched. She wheezed in some breath. 

"Soldiers please check Jaimal too, does he have a fever?" The man shouted out while looking back. Ashokpriya pulled the reins of the man's horse as it suddenly veered, the man looked to the front with a jerk. 

"You were going to hit a tree." She responded.

"Yes! He has a fever!" The soldier shouted back as Jaimal moaned in a low volume. He was coming back to his senses. 

"Oh no!" Jaimal's uncle exclaimed. 

"We need to hurry." Ashokpriya said with a sense of urgency in her voice.

Back in the palace while Ashok was still in his office, Kuldeep came in. Mihir was still there. Both Ashok and Mihir exchanged a look while Mihir excused himself. Kuldeep paused for a while as Mihir passed through the door. 

Ashok looked at Kuldeep while signaling him to come in. He started to roll the paperweight on his table while fidgeting with his feet on the floor. 

"Don't you think you are mingling too much with Mihir these days?" Kuldeep asked sarcastically while walking in.

Ashok looked up pressing his lips together. As he got up he went towards Kuldeep and leaned on the edge of the table while putting his arm around Kuldeep's shoulders. Kuldeep looked straight. 

"Kuldeep, I guess you have become very serious over the years. I miss my friend. All the time you either keep chiding me like a child or just make serious faces. Whenever I look at you your face is pulled. What can I do about it? You don't give me the chance to spend quality time with you." Ashok remarked.

"Ashok! I am not in a mood to joke!" Kuldeep retorted.

"See! Again!" Ashok replied. Kuldeep exhaled sharply in irritation removing Ashok's arm from his shoulders. 

"Ashok, I have told you, again and again, to not trust Mihir so much, he seems to be fishy, I have noticed him move in and out of the official records room at any random hour of the fact, I have seen him fidget through the drawers in your office when you are not around!" Kuldeep spoke worriedly, sharing his concern with Ashok.

"That's because I have given him the keys to my office and the official records room!" Ashok answered, plainly staring at Kuldeep. Kuldeep rolled his eyes.

"Why don't you understand? Since the time he has become the Minister of Security, something or another keeps happening in our kingdom internally, suddenly some official is charged for any random crime and punished or fined for bribery when he is actually innocent, suddenly some random shop is raided and the shopkeeper is imprisoned for selling low-quality products when the products are just fine!" Kuldeep blabbered as Ashok narrowed his eyes.

"What are you even saying? I have not been informed of any such incidents taking place...moreover, after Mihir became the Minister of Security, the dacoities have completely stopped. Don't you think that that's something important! It had become a huge issue before...and all the other random incidents that you spoke of are just minor think too much Kuldeep!" Ashok waved him off as Kuldeep tched in irritation.

"Don't you remember the incident of Lothal?" He tried arguing back when Ashok asked to stop it. Kuldeep took a deep breath.

"Forget it, I had actually come to talk about something else…" He cooled down and started to speak when a police officer asked for permission to enter while knocking at the door. Both of them looked at him. The officer was panting. 

Ashok and Kuldeep got concerned. Kuldeep gave him a glass of water. As he sipped some, he blurted out the news, "The port has been attacked by dacoits!" 

Ashok looked at Kuldeep in surprise, "Again?" Both of them exclaimed at once. 

"Ahh...ahh!!" Jaimal groaned in pain. Everyone stopped. Ashokpriya and Jaimal's mama, what was his name...Hindol, looked back to see. 

"What happened, my child?" Hindol asked, concerned. Jaimal's face contorted as he went through agonizing pain. As Ashokpriya put her hand on Jaimal's left leg, he screamed with a jerk, she took her hand away. 

Another soldier ran up to his leg and checked it, "It seems like a fracture…" he said while looking at Ashokpriya.

"Chandra didi will kill me!" Hindol gasped.

As Jaimal kept wincing, Ashokpriya could not stop herself and rushed to comfort him. As she reached out with her hand, she hesitated for a while before placing it on his forehead. It was burning hot. Jaimal did relax for a bit, but his pain overtook this momentary comfort. 

"How much more time?" Hindol panicked.

"We are almost there…" A soldier informed him.

"Didn't you notice his fracture on the port itself?" Ashokpriya rebuked the soldiers as they stood with their heads hung.

"It all happened so fast…" Another soldier tried to explain.

"Shut up!" Ashokpriya reprimanded them as she ordered them to immobilize Jaimal's leg by fixing it in one place on the makeshift bed. As she thought further, she stopped the soldiers from doing so.

"What happened?" Hindol asked.

"What if there is internal bleeding? He has a very high fever too, if we don't rush him to the doctor, there might be further complications." Ashokpriya said in a pensive tone. 

"Now?" Hindol got anxious.

Ashokpriya chewed her nails, then turning to the soldier she said, "Do you know how to give basic first aid for a fracture?"

The soldier promptly replied in a yes. 

"Can you fix his leg temporarily?" She asked

"Yes, I guess," The soldier replied.

As soon as Jaimal's leg got fixed with the support of a tree branch, the soldiers shifted him onto Ashokpriya's horse as Ashokpriya sat behind him. She could feel the weight of his body pressing down on her shoulders and chest as she adjusted herself so that she could have a view of the path ahead which was getting obstructed by Jaimal's tall physique. It was going to be difficult for her to maintain speed with Jaimal's weight pushing on her but she was going to do it.

As Ashok and Kuldeep mounted their horses to leave for the port and investigate about the dacoits, Mihir came running. 

"Stop! Stop!" He shouted from far, waving his arms. Kuldeep flared his nostrils while Ashok was puzzled. Ashok rode his horse towards Mihir as Mihir came rushing forward. 

"What is the matter?" Ashok asked worriedly.

"I think I should go to investigate the go with Kuldeep!" Mihir panted.

Kuldeep looked at Mihir, perplexed. Ashok looked confused too.

"Where do I go with Kuldeep?" Ashok asked.

Mihir looked at Kuldeep while Kuldeep also stared at Mihir, narrowing his eyes and sucking his teeth. 

"You didn't tell him?" Mihir questioned Kuldeep.

"No, but how do you know about it?" Kuldeep interrogated.

Mihir's expressions changed as he glared back at Kuldeep, curling his lips, he said, "I am the Security Minister, I know much more than what you think."

Kuldeep kept glaring at him while gnawing his teeth. Ashok looked at both of them quizzically, then he looked towards the sky. Exhaling deeply, he asked, "Would anyone tell me what is the matter? I am the king." 

Just when Kuldeep was going to say something, Ashokpriya rode into the stable. As she pulled the reins, the horse reared a bit and came to a stop. She patted the horse to calm it down and suddenly sneezed while the horse veered again. Ashok got down and controlled the horse while giving Ashokpriya his hand to come down. She got down by herself. 

"What have you been up to?" He asked her in a straight voice.

Ashokpriya looked away while sneezing again. Ashok furrowed his brows. 

"She was at the port," Kuldeep answered. 

"Port!" Ashok remarked sharply.

"She had asked for permission before she left, I allowed her to go." Kuldeep explained.

Ashok looked at his daughter who was about to sneeze again.

"You…" Ashok said.

"Akchhoo" Ashokpriya sneezed, cutting Ashok's sentence in the middle.

Ashok moved back a bit.

"You could have asked me." He completed his sentence. Ashokpriya squeezed her eyes to release the burning sensation due to the cold. 

"I had come but you were…" She started to speak in a nasal voice as she sneezed yet again.

Mihir slapped his forehead with his hand. Ashok's eyes widened as he realized that she had come in the morning when he was having his bath, he looked away in embarrassment. 

Kuldeep came down and supported Ashokpriya as she was losing her balance while sneezing so much when Ashok came forward and pulled Ashokpriya towards himself and holding her hand, he took her to her room in the palace. Ashokpriya followed like a docile child.

As soon as Ashokpriya had arrived from Devgarh nine years ago, one of her maids had gone up to Ashok to hand him a letter given by Chandra. It said that Ashokpriya was an indocile child who had not been given the right manners. She not only broke Jaimal's flute but also became the reason for her insult and humiliation.

When Ashok confronted Ashokpriya about the incident, she became rebellious. Ashok tried to handle her calmly, but she wouldn't listen. She instead blamed Jaimal for his rudeness and that she just took a small revenge. Ashok had to chide her for such behaviour and the thought of taking revenge. Rather than learning she started to ridicule Chandra for writing that letter.

"Enough!" Ashok lashed out.

Ashokpriya got startled. 

"If I get to hear any such complaint from now on, you will see." Ashok warned her while trying to control his temper.

As she left, Ashokpriya smashed the door behind herself. 

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