Why Me?

Why Me?

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My heart aches

But I keep it to myself

I feel happiness all around me

As I put on a smile or two

Nothing but fake.

My eyes envy what I see

My brain hates what my heart feels

I'm done with faking it all

Because no one really listens to me.

I feel that burden weighing me down

But I pretend like I don't really care

But deep down in my heart

It's all what I can think about.

I lay it all out for them

But they don't really seem to care

My heart tells me to end it all

But my brain forces me 

To give it one last try.

Sometimes I feel no one cares for me

Sometimes I feel worse

But what I don't tell anyone

Is that it's all a curse

They pretend to care

But I know that they don't

They don't even think about me

When I start the day thinking about them.

I thrive for what I want

But does it come at such a huge cost?

I may lose what I've achieved so far

But there will be a day

When I'll prove them all wrong.

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