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Was It??

Was It??

2 mins

The sky, alluring as always!

The air carried the fall's scent...

Trees bearing their beautiful tender leaves

The hues they twined, so ravishing

All peer's heart filled with delight!

I stood long in this prairie...

My thoughts clear as never...

The place filled with lingering vibes so exhilarating.

The moment felt like "a baby on it's excites' high" !!

I leaned over a tree so old,

And possessed silence...

I let the present reflect within me,

Without my conscious will!

My sight perceived everything so light!

A tree not so far by leaned a man just like me

But had traveled long years than me.

Head bowed down in despair!

Or maybe his senility picturised it in my sight that way...

His stand lined a great past behind...

The wrinkles that filled his fair skin,

Portrayed his life wasn't fair to him!

He gazed down, folded arms to himself.

Felt like he was wishing to hold onto something

That was already gone!

Hours went by eager to know the man's wise

Has already begotten in me!

Nobody seem to accompany that soul,

Nor did he look for any ...

Place was horded, but he stood forlorn

Just like the tree he leaned his shoulder on.

My thoughts now reflected queries,

That I was eager to lay bare!

Yet the guts to take a step ahead was far away from me!

I stood long with my clear mind already a past!

Oblivious I became with that soul's presence.

The sun seemed to bid goodbye,

The lingered wind brought coldness to it's esse.

People started leaving for their night ...

A deep breath I took, felt the steps ahead my sigh

I reached him nearby!!

Perplexed by the moment shock,

It felt intriguingly real!

My shoulder leaned on that tree

I was gazing at a dead Daisy!

I looked straight up within a split second

As if I came to conscious after all these long years!

There stood a young man in eager bewilderment

staring at me !!!

Addled by the moment fear,

There was only one query hitting !

Was it my shoulder on both the trees ???

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