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Speech Ambassador

Speech Ambassador

2 mins

My speech is an Ambassador

It touches billions of hearts

The power of tongue is priceless

Speech varies from heart to heart

My philanthropies are God’s wish

I wish to follow the Lord’s direction

My help to humane is service to God

O God, give me power to serve the people

My heart speaks to the Lord

My pert-chart is God’s wish

My liking to serve the Nature is the Lord’s order

The God is Great, as I am at his feet

I am the servant of God, to obey His order

Wherever I am, I will obey His order

The God direct me, I will follow

O God, save the Universe and humanity

The God’s wish is one’s wish

Can’t go against soul wish

Soul, an Ambassador of the God

The Nature obey to the God’s order

Things one does good, one hope so

One does activities from God’s blessing

If you’re good, the God’s intent is good

Man’s search on Earth as God’s wish from Heaven

Speech has tongue power vibrations

It is powerful as electro-magnetic strength

One can’t bear, the power of speech, at times

Heart and Soul, bless the tongue power speech

O Lord, my thinking be given in right way

My speech be flown for good path

My actions be directed for Natures cause

My life be shown for human cause

O God, tell me my place in this Universe

My actions are nothing but His direction

My deeds in this Universe are His orders

I pray for a place in the Stars list

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