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2 mins

The day I noticed her dense eyes,

I knew it beheld the reflection of ocean;

To engross me into it & stir my thoughts to entice.

The day I touched her long dark strands of hair,

I knew it showed the reflection of a forest;

To puzzle me with its beauty & tantalise me with lavish care .

The day I cherished every bit of her beguiling smile,

I knew they captured the reflection for a trap of soul,

To never be requited & to never be free for a moment.

The day I tasted her vivacious lips,

I knew it kept the reflection of a gypsy land;

Full of warmth & unrevealed mysteries full of glees.

The day those beguiling tufts of her hair

Slightly covered her face like a half-moon,

I knew I could no longer trace my numb soul into me.

The day i saw her resemble like a flower of eden,

With some prominent features reflecting elegance,

& some blurred mystery reflecting a turmoil,

I knew I was going to split into pieces by

Her teasing beauty & alluring luminousness.

She was a miracle mirror reflected the aroma divine,

She was a healing touch reflected the desire to see her mine.

She entangled me with her thoughts,

& wrapped my brain to scribble my verses.

She swirled my head with multiple spin,

& removed my sleep in a eyes’ blink.

She reflected a fascination rippling of my solace,

& smashed my serene with her long absence.

Now her memories are tucked as sparkling reflections,

& my wrenching heart stitched scars in a prison of depression.

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