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My Dearest Brother

My Dearest Brother

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Brother, you are a guardian in disguise.

You are perceptive, intelligent, and wise,

Always helping me through good and bad.

You are also the greatest friend I've ever had.

If I could have one wish, it would be

To give you all that you have given to me.

Though I've put our relationship through some hazy days,

You've been the sunlight that has shone in so many ways.

Through my ups and downs, right by me, you stood,

And you gave me your hand whenever you could.

Though I am sure my mistakes will not end here,

You're always there to keep me away from my fears.

I don't doubt some of your headaches are from me.

With all the times you lecture and tease,

I stand there upset and displeased.

Though I tell you I can't stand you,

You come back with, "That's not true."

We've had our fights,

Which lead to sleepless nights,

But in the end, I thank you so much.

My appreciation for you has no end.

You will always be my brother and my friend.

Happy Raksha Bandhan, Brother! 

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