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Ankita Pati Pati

Children Stories

My Dad

My Dad

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I am going to write a story 

I think it's the greatest ever told

Because it's about the person

Who got a heart of gold

When I was born, he was there 

With a smile on his lips, wiping his tears

Time went on, I turned five

Every day, he thanked God that his little princess is alive

In my good and bad, he was always there 

I remember that cuddle, that warmth, and love, one can't find anywhere

His mission every day was to make me smile

To hear my laugh, endless stories and to make me giggle

He is the most precious treasure I always want to keep

I miss those days when his arms are more comfortable than any bed for my peaceful sleep

I was fourteen then, in my preteen years

He helped me with all my new fears

With the flying time, I had to leave for the sake of education

He made a bare smile that it's the time for his princess's graduation

I remember the day, I told him that I don't want to take that flight

Through his teary eyes, he consoled me and made my smile bright 

I know I can turn to him, no matter the times are good or bad

I am so thankful to God for his greatest blessing to me, My Dad

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