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Mariya Majungawala

Children Stories


Mariya Majungawala

Children Stories

My Classmates

My Classmates

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My class is my pride,

Like going on a train and taking a ride.

We all are happy and cool,

Yes, our class is the best in school.

Ganvani is naughty, And Aisha is cute,

Bhagchandani is sweet but always mute.

Yes, I agree that I am very crazy,

But not like that Huzefa, always lazy.

Hasan calls himself "Innocent",

Of things, he's never vigilant. 

Sakina and Husena are so studious,

About studies, they are very curious.

Vidhi and Prachi are short-haired Girls,

And they are as pretty as pearls.

Sibatra and Amreli are as thin as a Bamboo stick,

We enjoy stretching Khasam's cheeks.

Aakib and Shakir loves to draw sketches,

Painting the ways and the edges.

Sara is the one who loves to Cook up,

And all the time Jhalna does makeup.

Halol and Chapi has a funny laugh,

Divy is tall but not as much as a giraffe.

Zainab and Ishika are the loudspeakers,

Abdeali and Mustu are very clever.

Many times Bhagyoday is irritating,

A peculiar sound Poladi is always creating.

These are just a few people,

And to eat my brain, they can never be feeble.

But, dare anyone tried to hurt them,

Because being friends, they're my life gems.

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