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Heeloly Upasani



Heeloly Upasani


My Brother

My Brother

2 mins

My brother is what I am not able to tell,

He becomes a best friend,

He becomes the greatest enemy,

No one can understand him,

He make my complain to our parents,

He always say to his friends my sister is very naughty,

She never want me to do my favourite work,

She never leave me alone,

If someone make my complain she get angry on me,

She always do whatever I want to do,

And suddenly his sister come and say come brother,

Then his brother will say that you can't leave me alone,

You never listen me,

If your playing time is over you go home why I go,

Just go far away from me I am alone happy,

And his sister will say that ok I will never say anything,

You are my brother so I am telling you,

But now onwards I will never say infact I will never talk with you,

Bye, and from that moment she will not talk,

But how a brother leave without sister,

So he will try to convince his sister,

And sister are sister she will again talk,

And soon she will married and on that day,

She will cry but her brother will cry too much,

He will say please take care of my sister,

She is cute, she is sweet, she is so innocent,

If she want some thing so please give her,

If she want to do let her to do,

Because she is the best sister of the universe.

For every brother her sister is so important,

But difference is that,

Sister always show there feelings but brother never show

His feeling to his sister.

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